Cheats of Far Cry 4 for PS4


Unlocking communication towers is one of the tasks of the game to discover new places on the map. Normally they are not very difficult, they have little vigilance and climbing them is fun.

But if you want to conquer them quickly and easily, there is a simple trick that speeds up this process: get one of the small helicopters and fly to the top floor – the one with the radio – and put the vehicle down. Release the tower, remount and do the same to the rest. Thanks to the speed to travel and you do not have to climb the building, it will be very easy for you to dominate the territory.


You will need the ability to have sturdy vehicles. Then go for a Buzzer (a small helicopter), which are at various locations in the game, for example at the coordinates X: 305.0, Y: 422.8.

Search for an enemy vehicle, car, or truck. In general, they are close to checkpoints or fortresses, and areas such as the airport. When you see one, get off and fly close to the driver’s door, then press the corresponding button to eliminate the pilot. With this you will have obtained the restaurant tycoon 2 codes .



Master of Kyrat
Obtain all trophies.


The king is dead
Decide the fate of Pagan Min (campaign only).

Learn all skills (campaign only).


Renaissance Man
Finish one public match for each game type in Battles of Kyrat mode (Battles of Kyrat only).

Two less
Decide Noore’s fate (campaign only).

Three in a row
Decide Yuma’s fate (campaign only).

One less
Decides the fate of De Pleur (campaign only).

Clear All
Free all posts (campaign only).

End of the transmission
Free 8 bell towers (campaign only).

Rewrite History
Remove 30 propaganda posters (campaign only).

Lane Change
Perform a vehicle kill from the passenger seat (cooperative campaign only).

Popular Champion
Reach Rank 5 in the Arena (Arena Campaign only).

Community Surprise
Play on a top-rated map in the map browser (map browser
Qnnit ).


Complete 3 Eye for an Eye or Assassination commissions (campaign only).

Read 10 notes (campaign only).

Good student
Learn 10 skills (campaign only).

Safe Release any station in any mode without triggering an alarm (campaign only).

Made a brush
Create 5 improvements for your team (campaign only).

Complete 3 commissions for Kyrat Fashion Week (campaign only).

Money in abundance
Spend a total of Rs 500,000 in stores (campaign only).

Purchase all accessories and paint designs for a weapon (campaign only).

With tusks
Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (campaign only).

Four birds with one stone
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with a bang (campaign only).

Distract 15 enemies with stones (campaign only).

Right Tributes Spin 10 Mani Wheels (Campaign Only).

Professional photographer
Mark 25 enemies with the camera (campaign only).

Welcome to Kyrat
Join the Golden Path (campaign only).

Realm of Death
Kill 30 enemies with mortar shells (campaign only).

Show of
Conquest strength 2 fortresses (campaign only).

Kill a target with an arrow or bolt for 60 m or more (campaign only).

Remove or destroy 15 Yalung masks (campaign only).

Two Birds
Use a sniper rifle to kill 2 targets with one shot (campaign only).

Purchase 3 items for the Ghale Estate (campaign only).

Sky Falling
Make a kill from a Buzzer (campaign only).

Complete 6 Hunting orders (Supplies, Control, Survival) (campaign only).

Call me!
Kill 50 enemies with fire (campaign only).

Complete 3 Bomb Deactivation orders (Campaign Only).

Shooting at the Wheel
Kill 25 enemies while shooting and driving (campaign only).

Brother in fight
Free up 1 position playing as Hurk (cooperative campaign only).

Fight for good
Reach karma level 2 and purchase any Allied upgrades for hire (campaign only).

Justice Hand
Eliminate 3 convoys from Pagan’s Wrath (campaign only).

Like a bird
Fly 5000 meters in the air suit (campaign only).

Robin Hood
Steal 3 Royal Cargo trucks and take them to a freed station (campaign only).

Run over
Run over 25 people (campaign only).

Rejects 3 retaliation teams at posts (campaign only).

Deliver us from evil
Free 12 posts (campaign only).

Crazy Engine
Complete 3 Kyrati Films: Races or Kyrati Films: Survival activities (campaign only).

Discover Shangri-La (campaign only).

Forgetting Anyone Rescue 15 hostages on Hostage Rescue orders (campaign only).

Memory Protector
Find 10 lost cards (campaign only).

Create 15 syringes (campaign only).