Free Radon Test Kit

We all love the comfort of low-ground living areas. Some of us convert our basements into movie theatres or recreational rooms. However, many keep falling victim to radon poisoning. It’s possible to have fun in your basement without being worried of this radioactive gas, all you need to do is take a decisive step of asking your local authorities for a free radon test kit. This kit will help you learn of the radon levels in your house.

As much as the kit is free, it’s designed under close monitoring by the Governments health department and you shouldn’t doubt or underestimate it’s features. In fact, they’re a part of the national program of preventing lung cancer that may be triggered by radon. Nevertheless, not all the times the free radon test kit will be offered fully for no fees, sometimes you may purchase the kit while the mailing and laboratory analysis will be free of charge.

The obvious places to test is the basement. This is because radon normally enters our houses in two main ways i.e through the soil, mostly through cracks on the floors and walls in the low ground areas and basements and the second way is through the water that we use. Which ever the case, we should use the free radon test kit around the areas that have direct contact with the ground.

Pictures Of Radon Mitigation Systems

Experts recommend that we carry out the test every season and all year round. Nevertheless, the possibility of radon is quite higher in winter than in summer. Basically what happens is that unlike in summer, during winter we keep our doors closed and thus the possibility of accumulation is much higher. The only solution to prevent this gas is sealing the cracks etc.