What kind of department suits you best?

Living in an apartment can be just as functional and comfortable as living in a conventional house. Know their main characteristics, how they are distinguished from each other and on what occasions it might be more convenient to buy an apartment based on your needs

One of the main advantages of an apartment is that they are a practical and, generally, cheaper housing than a conventional house. It is perfect if you are ready to start building your own heritage, but you do not need so much space or enough time and money to maintain a traditional home.

Over the years, real estate constructions have been transformed and adapted to the needs of buyers. This is why, currently, there are different types of departments that vary in size, price and purpose of use, from which you can choose the one that best suits you according to the lifestyle you are used to or aspire to obtain.

Types of department and which one suits you best:

  • Study / convertible study
  • Department of social interest
  • Loft
  • Duplex or Triplex

Study / convertible study

The studio apartments, or convertible studio, are small spaces, with a room, bathroom, kitchen and, sometimes, a small room. This type of home does not need much maintenance and is perfect for people who want to live alone and do not usually spend too much time at home. If necessary, some buildings can be adapted with special materials, such as triplay or rock board, to divide the place, create more rooms and accommodate more people if necessary.

One of the advantages of such an apartment is that, due to its size and location, they have a lower price to other homes, in addition to the fact that they are usually new buildings, located far from the center of the cities and with access to communication routes and Fast or slightly congested transport.

Department of social interest

Renting or buying a department of social interest is a good option for those who have the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan in institutions such as Infonavit or Fovissste. This type of property usually has one or two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a space as a living room. They are usually not very large and are located in residential areas far from the center or in housing developments.

One of the advantages of such an apartment in blue world city is that it can accommodate small families or two or three people interested in sharing a home; If this is the case, using the available space represents a potential investment and profit opportunity for you.

That is, if you have the ability to sublet an available room, you can help your economy and, possibly, easily pay the monthly amounts of a real estate mortgage. Also, according to the needs of the inhabitants, you can share the payment of the services and save some money to use it as you see fit.


One of the advantages of an apartment like this is that the space is large and you can decorate and accommodate your furniture as you like. Its main feature is that it does not have walls or divisions that determine different rooms, it is only a wide open space with the necessary comforts within reach.

The prices of this type of spaces vary according to size and location, however, due to their condition without divisions, they are not usually very high departments in costs and, in addition, with the right touches and creativity, they can be adapted to share expenses and housing with other people if necessary.

A loft apartment is perfect for those who do not have much time to fix and clean a space, or for those who do not have enough resources to pay a mortgage or rent of more than 40 percent of their salary.

Duplex or Triplex

Renting a duplex or triplex apartment guarantees its inhabitants a lot of space and at least two or three floors to inhabit. These spaces are not usually cheap, but they represent a profit opportunity for those who wish to take advantage of the rooms and floors of the building.

They are usually located in buildings with similar properties, in the center of the city or in new housing developments created by construction companies. They require more maintenance for their finishes and type of construction, however, by conducting a good investigation, you could find a duplex or triplex apartment that suits your needs for time and money, especially if you have a family to care for or a professional career that keep.

It is time to choose in dha peshawar ! Analyze very well your situation, your housing project, and consider these types of departments so that you choose the one that best suits your budget and needs.